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Millions of people are chronic crutch users, spending hours everyday on their crutches.  Crutch tips have remained basically the same for 50 years.  TAO has licensed in technology from the University of South Florida, which significantly reduces the energy needed by crutch users to walk on their crutches.  

By changing the shape of the crutch tip, the TAO has found that users significantly reduce the effort needed to walk with crutches.  In addition, because of this unique shape, the crutch user is much more stable when on crutches, and is able to use their crutches in a variety of conditions and environments that are unaccessible or uncomfortable to access using normal crutch tips.  TAO has performed numerous iterations of design and testing, including extensive trials with crutch users to arrive at an optimum design.  TAO's subsiderary Moterum LLC, will begin selling this product by Q1/Q2.   The picture below is a rendition of the crutch tip which will be sold.