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Klaren Technologies

Klaren Technologies is one of Tao Life Sciences' portfolio companies, having been founded along with the technology inventors, Randol Kirk and Dan Gorzen. Klaren Technologies has completed proof of concept prototyping and experimentation and is currently raising a Series A round of capital for completing the commercial unit and FDA 510(k) process.

Advanced and developing health systems around the world are losing the fight against Hospital Acquired Infections or HAI. According to the Department of Health and Human Resources, 1 in 20 patients in the US Hospital Systems being treated because of an HAI. Over 20% of these are due to surgical site infections (SSIs). The Center for Public Integrity called contaminated surgical instruments the "hidden threat in America's operating rooms." There are 1.7 million HAIs each year, resulting in 99,000 deaths in the US alone. These numbers continue to increase.

Around the world, in developing healthcare systems, the number of 15.5 HAIs per 100 patients is significantly higher than the 4.5 and 7.1 per 100 in the United States and Europe respectively. SSIs were the leading infection in hospitals (5.6 per 100 surgical procedures), strikingly higher than proportions recorded in developed countries.

Even higher infection rates occur in developing healthcare systems, which are not developed or western level hospitals, such as the "dispensaries" in Tanzania.

One of the leading causes for HAIs in surgery suites and in non-western level health centers is the lack of immediate or real-time sterilization technology that can be used in the operating room or in the health center quickly and efficiently to achieve the required high levels of sterilization. Current technologies fail because they are either too slow to use during operative procedures (run times for sufficient sterilization are at least 30 minutes) or in busy, underfunded and understaffed healthcare environments, require too much infrastructure (water hookups and high energy), and are not applicable to a broad range of materials (high heat and steam damage plastics such as those used in syringes).

Klaren Technologies ( ) has solved all of these problems with its new product by providing:

  • Very fast sterilization
  • High sterilization levels (greater than 6 logs of sterilization)
  • Low energy requirement (can run from a car battery or standard AC)
  • Low heat (does not raise the temperature above 100 degrees F)
  • Portability

Klaren has successfully built and tested a first generation device providing proof of concept of greater than 6 logs of sterilization from a low energy electron system of less than 10kV, at sterilization times as short as 2-3 seconds, with low heat generation.

Klaren will build and test a beta prototype device, complete testing in 12-18 months and finalize commercial design for FDA testing and approval within an additional 12-15 months.

Interested parties can contact acting CEO, David E. Huizenga, Ph.D. at