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Kinetic Revolutions, a collaborator of TAO Life Science, has developed the Matrix, a functional gait trainer that incorporates a bungee system concept and is used in the early and middle phases of gait training for neurological, orthopedic, and geriatric patients. The Matrix includes many of the components required to help a patient restore a normal gait pattern and it reduces the amount of compensatory strategies used by the patient.

The Matrix gait trainer is a meant to accommodate patients with lower extremity neurological deficits such as Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida, neuropathies, and low severity Cerebral Palsy. The Matrix was designed to assist in the lower limb advancement using a bungee system assisting at the knee or foot with a wider base for more safety than using a rolling walker.

The purpose of the bungee system is to increase activation in low tone lower extremities and to normalize tone in lower extremities in those with minimal to moderate spasticity. It can also be used to facilitate muscle activation even in those whose prognosis may not allow them to ambulate functionally or therapeutically.

It provides a more functional transition to a walker, requires less time for set up, and requires less extra hands for assistance during gait training. The adjustable height and angled arm-rest allow for a more functional hand position for each individual patient.  It is designed to psychologically give at patient more confidence, increase self-esteem and a sense of achievement, and increase feeling of independence. It may also be applied to the geriatric population that may be experiencing slower cadence, increased energy expenditure, fall risk.  The Matrix will be sold through Kinetic Revolutions. (!the-matrix-gait-trainer/ck6f )