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What We Do

We bring new life science concepts to reality.

Our focus on demonstrating proof-of-concept for new life science innovations in less than a year is what sets us apart. Our goal is to bring innovations to market by applying the collective expertise of our development partners, intellectual property collaborators, and clinical network.

We identify life science technologies that have risk profiles that we can address with a modest investment of resources and capital and that can begin to generate financial returns in less than 18-30 months.

TAO Life Sciences takes intellectual property very seriously. We will only invest in and develop a technology for which we can build a strong, defendable, and enforceable patent position. Our licensees can be confident that any technology developed by TAO Life Sciences will bring with it solid IP protection.

Our success, not to mention our enjoyment, depends on our relationships with numerous universities and providers, such as engineering firms and attorneys, who have come to trust our process and will collaborate with us in focused efforts.

TAO Life Sciences has established strong relationships with:

  • Universities and development companies throughout the U.S.,
  • Prototype and commercial product engineering partners,
  • Private equity firms,
  • Patent lawyers, agents, and firms, and
  • Medical Device, Pharma, and Biological companies in the U.S. and Europe.

See Pipeline Products for examples of some of the developments in our pipeline.